Tester Program


Thank you for wanting to sign up for this program. After 5 years of making primarily natural skin care products, I have decided to expand my brand. I have been doing research over the past year or so for new products and realized that all the things I really want to do require ingredients that aren't considered natural. My number one goal in the skin care game is to help my customers learn about skin care, specifically identifying how to achieve and maintain healthy skin. I do not want to be limited by one genre of skin care products. So with these new products, it's going to require a little more work and due diligence to ensure that I produce things that will absolutely help you. This is how this tester program was born. In order for me to achieve this, I need people with skin types of all types to be able to try out these new products so that I can ensure that my new products are doing what I want them to do.

With all this said, this is what will happen. In order to be eligible to be in the tester program, you have to sign up with the form below and join my skin care group. The reason for this is because I want you to continue to learn more about skin care via my newsletter that I send out every week as well as be able to give me feedback on the products you'd potentially be testing via the fb group. I need people who will be willing to write reviews and give honest feedback of these products so that if I need to change or adjust anything to make the product better, I can.

This program will be first come first serve, so who ever responds the quickest via email to whatever product I am currently testing and fits the criteria for that product will be who will get to try it. The only thing you'd have to pay for is $4 for shipping of that product. You'd do so by simply sending me $4 via my Paypal once you have been selected. THAT'S IT.

If all this sounds ok with you, go ahead and sign up and I can't wait to work with you in the near future! <3