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Ixora Botanical Beauty

Mystery Box 2

Mystery Box 2

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We can't disclose much information, but we can confirm that all mystery boxes contain Full-Sized products. The contents of the boxes may vary based on supply.

Heavily anticipated Questions:

Heavily anticipated Questions:

Boxes are shipping as ordered

Q1. Can you confirm what's in the box if I have to check for allergies?

No, however, you may leave allergies listed in the notes OR email us and we will cancel and refund your order if anything conflicts.

Q2. Are Mystery Box 1 & 2 the same?

Not even a little bit.

Q4. Will I be able to purchase this later?

No. These are exclusive boxes that will not be returning again. ONE of each box contains all original contents + a special gift (Valued at $1,300) OR a special gift (Valued at $500) purchase cutoff for the box is 2/1/23

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