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Supercharged Brightening Bundle

Supercharged Brightening Bundle

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The hydration bundle, which has been in high demand, has returned with even more powerful features. Today only get our:

1. Donkey Milk cleanser:  Our donkey milk cleanser is a highly effective solution for those who are seeking a gentle yet potent cleansing experience. With its unique formula, it effectively removes impurities and makeup residue while simultaneously calming inflammation and irritation on the skin.

2. Seamoss toner: The product we've all been waiting for, our seamoss toner! Our highly requested toner is infused with nourishing ingredients that help to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance and leave it feeling supple and soft.

3. Donkey milk moisturizer: Cleanse, tone, then moisturize with our anti-inflammatory moisturizer formulated to help repair your skin and protect it from environmental stressors that can cause damage.

4. The "S" effect's Donkey Milk retinol:  Introducing The “S” Effects  Donkey Milk Retinol - a powerful skincare solution for inflammation, hyperpigmentation, PCOS, and acne. Our encapsulated retinol deeply penetrates the skin, while Indian gooseberry extract gently removes dead skin cells for a radiant complexion. Cotton extract reduces inflammation, soothes skin, moisturizes, and fights free radicals. Suitable for all skin types and can be used morning and night.

Get ready to say hello to glowing, even skin with our Brightening Bundle - a trio of powerful products designed to combat hyperpigmentation caused by eczema, pregnancy, and hormonal imbalances like PCOS. This 4-piece bundle is a must-have for anyone seeking a brighter, more radiant complexion. Each product has been expertly formulated to work together, creating the perfect synergy for maximum results. Transform your face and body with our Brightening Bundle and unleash your inner radiance.

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