Our Prices are Decreasing...

Our Prices are Decreasing...

Hey Donkey Milk Gang,
Pull up a chair. You won't believe what I'm bout to say. I know it sounds crazy, but this is a testimony to how much #DonkeyMilkGang means to me. 
January 2023, we rebranded with a new look, a reduction in products and a TON of overhead (you didn't know that of course), which was the reason for the price jumps. While at the time, it made sense financially, 18 months later, it doesn't anymore,
We have since rebranded (again), and during this time something wasn't sitting well with me. We had brought back a good bit of our products and A LOT changed behind the scenes and with that, I decided to do a cost analysis to make sure everything was good on that end, and when I did that, it hit me. The jumps in prices within 2 years was a lot. And I want to fix that. So I'm doing something most won't do because of capitalism, and I am reducing prices on the products.
Will it be the same as 2022? No, but it will be relative to ingredient/supply inflation of the past 2 years and to ME what would be a normal price change for us within 2 years. And the reason I am doing this is because of COMMUNITY. You guys are the reason my brand has been so successful, and even with how tough a year last year was, you guys gave us grace and came back. You supported us through the price hikes, and this is our way of showing you that you matter to us. That the community we have built matters more than making money faster. 
I don't want you to have to choose between groceries and your favorite cleanser. So in the next day or 2, you will be receiving an email when the prices change. So spread the word, and thank you guys for your support.
Go wash your face,
Mercedes aka Skin Care Bully
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Yes, we will be slightly changing the structure of your subscriptions. It will go from 15% off to 10% off with free shipping

Skin Care Bully

Will my subscription prices change as well?


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